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Turquoise-Star  Want to become a Star Presenter in no time?
Turquoise-Star  Are you tired of watching from the sidelines?
Turquoise-Star  Would you like to thrill audiences with your knowledge?
Turquoise-Star  Are you sick of being told it’s “EASY” or “You shouldn’t be nervous.”?

Then you must join me for


We’ll be at The Cutting Room!!

It’s one of the most popular entertainment spots in New York City – a magnet for high profile celebrities and musicians. Famed actor Chris Noth of “Sex and The City” and “Law and Order” co-founded the place. Think high-end rock ‘n roll club with live music and the ultimate cool vibe…

The Cutting Room

44 E 32nd St, New York, NY 10010
(212) 691-1900


Here are some pictures from New York City’s Event on May 10

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…and the first 25 who register and pay will be invited to an intimate, post-event, VIP bonus session. Ruth will be offering laser coaching and answering every question personally (not to mention complimentary food and beverages…)


To be truly successful today, you MUST learn to speak eloquently, both
On Stage and On-Camera about who you are, what you do and why clients should buy.

You MUST be able to WOW an audience and keep them engaged for as long as you’re there.

You know it’s true…

Having that commanding presence, that special something is now a job requirement that will enable you to grow your profitable client base faster and bigger than you ever thought possible.

And that’s what you’re after, right… More clients and more profits?

What People Say About Charisma

Think about it. How many presenters have you seen who really blew you away? A handful if you’re lucky.

Now, here’s the truth (you knew this was coming)… 

Becoming a charismatic speaker and on-camera presence isn’t easy or quick. There are self-appointed public speaking “experts” who say it is, who tell you if you just spend a few hours and a gazillion dollars training with them, you’ll become a top speaker who will be in great demand and who can charge high speaking fees… or get your own TV show.

It doesn’t happen that way, believe me. I spent my first career in show biz and I was successful. It takes practice a lot of practice which means more time. Of this, I am absolutely certain.

So, here’s what you may be thinking…

“Ruth, I have so much to do! I do not need one more thing to worry about.”

But what you’re really saying is, “Ruth, I’m scared.”

I know that fear intimately and so does every, single one of my clients, including my Oscar-winners and A-List celebrities.
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Debbi Dickinson

Romona Foster

Elizabeth Locey

Mara Luker

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Roz Fruchtman Testimonial


So let me share one other undeniable truth:

Public Speaking, Presentation, and Video

are the Greatest Marketing and Personal Branding

Tools Most Business Pros Avoid

Including your competitors. I see it ALL the time. This creates an opening so big, you can drive a truck through it. Mastering these skills confers a huge competitive advantage you cannot afford to be without.

 sign-up-box-with-guest-sept-20-kdkClaim Your Charisma…and the first 25 who register and pay will be invited to an intimate, post-event, VIP bonus session. Ruth will be offering laser coaching and answering every question personally (not to mention complimentary food and beverages…)

During CharismaI’ll share my unique methods guaranteed to keep your audiences riveted…

Purple Star - Ruth Sherman What to say – You’ve already got plenty.
Purple Star - Ruth Sherman Rhythm – Sequencing content to keep people engaged.
Purple Star - Ruth Sherman How to say it – Displaying your passion through movement, voice, and appearance.
Purple Star - Ruth Sherman Managing stage fright – How to feel like you’re not going to die.
Purple Star - Ruth Sherman Practice and rehearsal – The magic bullets and antidote to fear.
Purple Star - Ruth Sherman On-camera technique – Similar to on-stage, but different too.

Here’s another thing I’m absolutely certain about. Charisma is not some mysterious quality. It’s concrete, you have it in you already, and I’ll show you exactly how to reveal it… even if you’re feeling hesitant, uncomfortable or shy.

No two ways about it… If you’re not speaking on stage or using Video to get your message out (or if you are, but want to get better), you’re leaving clients outside your door and money on the table…No matter how skilled you are, how experienced, how many years you’ve been in business, how much you love what you do – or how much people love you – if you can’t deliver a confident presentation on-stage and on-camera, you will continue to struggle, continue to be underpaid and under-recognized, and continue to labor to attract paying customers.

The ability to command the stage and the camera is the single, critical factor that eliminates each and every one of those obstacles more quickly than anything else.

By mastering these skills, these things come to you. You become a magnet. Instead of having to constantly go out and find your public, the public finds you.

You no longer have to seek out partners, you just have to chose the ones you want to work with.

Most important, you no longer have to beg people to work with you, they beg you to work with them.

Here's what you'll take away from charisma

Tools that will enable you to play on a bigger stage (literally).
Tools that will allow you to reach more people faster.
Tools that will magnetize and connect you to your ideal clients.
Tools that will help you get comfortable with discomfort.
And most important…
Tools that will empower you to
G. O. I.
Get Over It
G. I. D.
Get It Done



Claim Your Charisma

Because of the strict limit on participation, please understand there can be no refunds.

…and the first 25 who register and pay will be invited to an intimate, post-event, VIP bonus session. Ruth will be offering laser coaching and answering every question personally (not to mention complimentary food and beverages…)

No more avoiding.
No more thinking, “She’s got ‘it,’ but I don’t.”
No more worrying about finding the time.
No more letting fear get in the way.

Make this the year you knock ’em dead by exploding your inner Charisma and displaying it on-stage and on-camera.

This is my mission and I’ll help you get there.

In fact, I’m so positive you will benefit from
attending, I will guarantee it.

My Guarantee

Charisma isn’t inborn… it’s learned.

You absolutely have it. I guarantee it.

Can’t wait to see you for


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My Charisma!!